LMS Help Board (LHB)


Step:-1For that student who have no Password

1- Go to Registration.

2- Enter your Reg #.

3- Enter your Email.

4- Check Mail.


Step:-2Fill out your detail

Step:-3Waiting for Admin approval

For those student who already have their LMS account.

1- After login you will see this notification. Click on update Information

2- Fill out your detail

3- Waiting for Admin approval.

Forget Password.

1- Enter Your email

2- After email verification Password will be send to your email..

Step:-1How to Make new Folder

1- Go to Dashboard

2- Click on Manage Course

3- Click on Add Folder.

4- Add a new Folder with your desired name

Step:-2How to Move Course to Folder

1- Open that Folder.

2- Click on move Course.

3- Select the course that you need to move.

Step:-3How to Move Course to Dashboard

1- Open folder

2- Click on cross button to move back to Dashboard

Step:-1Make Excel Sheet

Follow these step to make Excel Sheet

i-First Column should must contain AG Number

ii- AG number must be written in Correct Format i-e 2017-ag-0001 , 2017-ag-1234

iii- Save this file as CVS.

iv- Go to file menu in Excel, Press Save as button

v- Save this in CVS format

Step:-2Go to Course Enrollment Page

i- Choose File from your Computer

ii- Press Upload Button.

Step:-3Upload Excel Sheet

iii- Select All Student from following List. If any other student are show un-select it.

iv- Press Enroll Button to enroll them.

It Shows how many AG's were Added

For Teacher

Step:-1Go to Course

Step:-2Click on Attendance Button

Step:-3Enter the Attendance and Press Submit button.

1 Select Teacher Name.(If this course teach by more then 1 teacher)
2 Select Lecture type.(Theory or Practical)
3 Enter Date.
4 Enter Lecture Start Time.
5 Enter Lecture Timing.
6 Calculated total time show
7 Select Number of Lecture.
8 Submit Button for attendance submission.

* To print empty Attendance sheet.
** To get Attendance summary and shortage report.

Attendance Summary/Attendance Report.

1 Enter Start Date
2 Enter End Date
3 To print summary report (Must select Students)
4 To print shortage report (Must select Students)

* Click to select student.
** To print single student shortage report
*** Edit single student Attendance
**** Edit whole class Attendance